Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Red Berries

Hi readers and writers,
This week I am getting ready to go on an Inside Passage cruise next week, so I'm ahead of schedule. Next week I'll be away and I may not be able to post, but this week I want to participate in Madison Woods' Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge.  If you'd like to try it, check out Madison's blog instructions here. 

Red Berries

"Don't touch those, they're poisonous," Donna hissed at me.
"Silly, they're raspberries," I replied, snickering.  I ate one while she stared at me wide-eyed.
We walked on, and I saw her sneaking a glance at me every so often, expecting me to keel over and drop dead.  Finally she asked, "How do you know they're raspberries?"
I enumerated on my fingers, "Shape, size, three leaflets per leaf, thorns, juicy when red (blackberries aren't you know.)"
"Show off," she said, flouncing off down the hill.
She asked for it, didn't she?  I will never understand girls.