Monday, April 19, 2010

RETREAT tips wanted

Hello, writers.
I am looking for some good sites for writing retreats. You know, those apply-for-free- housing-at-spectacular-location deals. You submit your writing and a bit about what you want to write, and then if you're selected, you go to their spectacular location and write for two weeks or a month or whatever. I don't want a workshop; lots of those call themselves retreats, but I don't need more instruction and inspiration. Some conferences call themselves retreats, and they are the very opposite of what I am looking for. I just need more time, quiet time to reflect and connect the jigsaw puzzles of my book-in-progress. I have applied to Djerassi (near Stanford in the Bay Area) and to UCross in Wyoming. I guess I'll apply for Yaddo this summer. Tell me of others you know about. I'd love to hear about any in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere near the beach. Watching water stimulates my mind!


Anonymous said...

Here are some retreat sites that give support to women writers:
Hedgebrook (on Whidbey Island, WA)
Soapstone (near Portland, OR)

Anonymous said...

How about Jentel in Wyoming? It's not near the ocean, but the plains are almost oceanic in their effect on the mind!

Also, Norman Mailer Writers' Colony on Cape Cod has residencies.

Lorelei said...

Those are good ideas! I also ran across Espy recently. It evidently is in Oregon near the coast and offers residencies.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Dorland suffered from a big fire but is now back in business, between San Diego and LA.

And I think you can do residencies at Joshua Tree National Park and maybe at other parks too.