Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Tools, Old Mind

I enjoyed the article in the LA Times on Sunday, Jan 28 on David Hockney and how he uses iPAD to help him paint some of his works.  As noted on the comments, he has always been open to new methods, being a pioneer of the kinds of collage paintings where every unit of the painting is a photograph, but its predominant color contributes to a larger picture.  Here is one of his iPAD productions to give you an idea of how miraculous this process can be.  It's scary to use new tools, and it's important to accept the risk.  I am pursuing an MFA in creative writing largely to introduce myself to the greatest variety of tools I can.  I am reading constantly, and when I write, I try to put into practice ways of writing I've run into in my assigned reading. But I also feel I need to use the electronic tools more creatively, following in Hockney's footsteps figuratively.  I find it inspiring to view a painting like this and realize it started as pixels.  I hope some of my explorations may approach this level of successful practice in a new form.


Anonymous said...

Indeed amazing to think this originated on an iPAD. I will have to go and read that article in the LA Times now, since you say he describes how he does this method. I am a writer, but I'd love to try this method for myself.
Kate C

Lorelei said...

I'm glad you like it Kate. I wish there was a video of him doing it. There was a description in LAT all right, but somehow I didn't feel it told me all I wanted to know about what he was doing to produce the image.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that ideas about creating art cross over into ideas about writing. And I always enjoy Hockney. Lucky for LA he adopted us for a while.