Friday, April 22, 2011

Thrills of Being an Author

I've been proud to say, under the guidance of Libby Grandy the magnificent, that I AM A WRITER, for about four years now.  But having a book published moves me a yard farther down the field to being an AUTHOR, which is a whole different dimension.  I don't count writing a text book, although that too was a thrill at the time.  But now, this isn't my take on science I put out there for anyone with $14 to read, it's MY LIFE in science, and my attempts to keep my family life and my life of science discoveries in a rewarding, balanced state.  And, I tried to write it using the methods of fiction.  Not making up facts, but using colorful language, dialog, writing in scenes as much as possible, keeping an eye on suspense and conflict, the techniques of a novelist.  So, when someone who is not in science reads the book and writes a review showing that she really gets it, it feels like a real pat on the back.  I felt that way with every good review on Amazon, and now with Susannah Burke's review on her book review blog, Sooze Says Stuff too.  If you'd like to read it, it's here:  or if you prefer a tiny URL, here: I'm so thrilled that she hung in there in spite of the science bursts and saw that it was more about how women can overcome societal obstacles.  Kudos to Suzannah!

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Anonymous said...

It's so hard to say, "I''m a writer!" I think a lot of people struggle with feeling entitled to that name. But "author" is indeed another step higher, and more fun to achieve. Way to go, Laura!
Suzanne P