Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video of Talk on Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling

Hi readers and writers,

Recently I gave a plenary lecture to 600 women from DWP at Women's Leadership Legacy Conference, drawing from my memoir, Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling, to talk about leadership in education.  You can see and hear a half hour video of my talk, made by the fabulous Rob Daly, on YouTube by going to this URL:  http://www.youtube.com/user/laurahoopes#p/a/u/0/F_soc1DxCdk   

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, who has just released a new edition of her book on Frugal Book Marketing, recommends that you take off from the topic of your book and think what else you could talk about using it as a basis.  Here, I talked about educational leadership easily, although it's not the main topic on which I wrote.  I think this strategy is a real winner, and once I dig out of my MFA semester writing assignments, I am going to look for more opportunities like this. 


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Anonymous said...

I loved the video! You have a nice way of making fun of yourself when you talk about painful topics, but I can see the heart behind it. I'm glad you talked about suicide. It just gets brushed under the rug a lot, and it is very hard for everyone whose life was touched by the person who does it.
Sherry R