Thursday, December 29, 2011

River of Stones Invitation

Hello Writers and Readers,

One of my author friends invited me to join A River of Stones for January, 2012, and I've decided to write all of you who read my blog.  The mother lode of information about it is here and if you want any more information, or to join the mailing list of the two leaders of AROS, please visit the site.  Here are a few clues: a stone is a short, intense observation of the world around you.  If you want to participate in the January, 2012 River of Stones, you commit to writing down one stone every day of January.  The two leaders want to connect us to our world, to catalyze our careful observation and experiencing of the world around us.  I suspect I'll have at least one day when I will not go happily to the stone manufactory, but I still find careful nature-watching so valuable for my writing that I have committed.  I will post my stones on this blog and connect them to the AROS hashtag on twitter.  If you would like to join in, I'd love you to comment about it on this blog as well as signing up to get inspiration on theirs.  This resolution seems much more worthwhile than the usual ones for New Year's.  Join in!  

 Best, Laura


Anonymous said...

OK, Laura, I checked out the site and it's not even necessarily a complete sentence. I think I can agree to do it every day in January. Who knows, it might become a habit! Best, Lulang

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,

What a fun activity! I read the ones on the site you linked to, and they are very beautiful. I hope I can do as well. I'm going to post mine on their site because they said something about collecting them for a possible book!

Rea Strong

Anonymous said...

EVery day is an awful lot when January is start of school so I think I'm going informal on this one. I'll post on Twitter under the hashtage when I can do one, and I'll try to do one every day in January. Rea, I don't know where you get all that energy, you're older than me!
Liliana R.

Lorelei said...

OK, I received some emails from people who are confused and want an example of a small stone. You just pay close attention to your surroundings for a few minutes, let it seep into you, try to use your senses, then write down what you experienced.

Here's one I wrote down on Dec 26 just after sunset:

Sunset moon a perfect bowl, trailing Venus close by. A few sleepy twitters from birds bedding down for the night. The smell of matzoh ball soup entices me back inside.