Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alphabetaphilia Windup Extended Until April 1

Hi friends,

I am not getting around to the ending of Alphabetaphilia quite as fast as I'd hoped, so if you want to enter the contest or the PDF, you may do it until April 1.  By then, I hope to have clear decks to take care of your entries.

I hope you're enjoying the spring time.  I am thrilled to see, on the International Crane Foundations' pages, that the whooping cranes are migrating and arriving safely at their summer homes this year.  It's so good to think we can sometimes get it right when we try to help out nature.  There is so very much that we don't know about how natural beings interact that trying to "fix things" that people have ruined, such as the near loss of all whooping cranes, can go terribly wrong.  But this time, it has not.


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