Thursday, April 26, 2012

Up and Down the Roller Coaster

Dear readers and writers:

Fiona Robyn, whose new ebook, The Most Beautiful Thing, was the focus of a blogsplash yesterday, became the number 1 free ebook in the UK for that day and 20,000 people ordered it.  Up the roller coaster with throat-burning speed indeed.  But then, today, it went back to a very reasonable price instead of being free, and only one copy had sold.  Down the roller coaster with a jerk and a whirl of wind.  She was understandably thrilled yesterday and disappointed today.  Life as an author is not easy.  If you self-publish, then it's up to you to promote your book and giving it away free, even to many people, doesn't lay new carpet.

What really impressed me was Fiona's response.  She explained all this on her blog, Writing Our Way Home, and then she referred us to some beautiful readings, which I won't scoop.  One of those who responded, though, brought up Gravy by Raymond Carver, though.  If you haven't read that, do it now.  Here is the link. What really matters, the carpet or the joy of writing, the joy of connecting with so many readers?  She knows.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 20000 down to 1 in one day is pretty shocking. But then, that's why you do a free promotion, right, to get the book out there, get people to read it? I can see why she was unhappy today, though. Have to go and check those readings out.

Anonymous said...

Gravy! I've loved that for years. Carver died back in the 1980's but his writing still inspires people now. I think this little prose poem is packed with power. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Katy R