Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Not to Have

Hi readers and writers,

Because my arthritis is really bad right now, I'm thinking strange thoughts about whether or not we really need joints.  Have you seen nudibranchs?  Just saying, they don't have joints.  Well, they don't have bones either.  Invertebrates don't worry about arthritis pain.  I'd love to be a gliding marine organism with no joints at all.  I used to like to dance, and when I watch the nudibranchs they look like they're dancing.  Anybody know why it's not a good idea to become a nudibranch?  At least for a story?  I've written as a tree for Friday Fictioneers recently, so being an invertebrate for the Point of View seems quite good to me.

Here, for example, is a photo of two nudibranchs (perhaps on a date arranged by Invert Ecstasy?) eating tunicates.  A cool fact about them is that if they eat something with a shootable stinger, they can just stick that thing into their own skin and use it on another organism later.  I feel a story coming on.

PS Thanks to Nick Hobgood and Creative Commons/Wikipedia for the photo.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Laura, go boneless to get rid of arthritis, sure. Go for it. Wish it were possible.
Elanna p