Friday, August 14, 2009

Looking for, or looking past women's success stories?

Just wondering how you'd feel about something I heard recently. I pitched my double biography of two highly successful women in molecular biology to an agent and he/she said, "Oh, damn, not another women's success story. No one wants to read those." My question: is this true? Doesn't it (as always) depend on the story and the writing? Actually, not so much, for me. I even like to read women's success stories about obscure women facing private crises, as well as poorly slapped together success stories of women celebrities. So for me, the statement was flat wrong, but then I'm only one person. What do you think?

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thehappyheather said...

Sounds like he might have been having a bad judgement day?

I love reading stories about women's lives even if they aren't success stories. I think that the struggle for acceptance in difficult jobs and situations will always be inspiring for young women to read.