Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inspiration from where?

Dear friends of reading and writing,

It's often hard to start writing.  Books have been written about writers' block.  I sometimes have a hard time, especially if I am trying to write a new type of genre.  This semester, it's poetry in Marilyn Chin's class at SDSU.  But luckily, the day Word's blank page was looming over me, I had seen the search of Gadhafi's trailer in Libya on TV.  They found this scrapbook of cutout pictures from magazines, all of Condoleezza Rice.  I was off and running.  How did he really feel about her?  What else did he do? I looked on the internet, but mostly I imagined and wrote about this creepy and fascinating obsession with Rice.  So, keep a mind open for strange bits from the news, strange smells or sounds, strange impressions of any kind.  They could give you a blowtorch to melt away writers' block.  And BTW, Rice's biography which has more information about the obsession, was released Nov 1, 2011.  Check it out!

 Cheers, Laura


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a strange mess that must have been for Condoleeza. Did you read what he said about her? Geez! And gave her all that expensive jewelry? And had a tete a tete dinner with her in Libya? Wow. I didn't know. What a strange man. Was he married?
Merita S

Lorelei said...

Yes, Merita, the more I read the weirder it got! He was married twice, the second time to a Hungarian woman. I believe he was very good-looking as a youth. And of course, he was rich. But I would say insanity was pretty clear by the end.
The quote from Condoleezza in connection with her book release said he was weird but not sexually harrassing her. It sounds pretty heavy duty to me.

Anonymous said...

Lord, what a terrible situation for her to have to deal with him when he was crazy about her like that. I looked online and it was totally over the top. Well, that's a fruitful topic all right, Laura! I am going to buy the book for sure, her bio I mean.
Cosima D.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Laura, I just cancelled the newspaper just when you told me to use the news to get through writers' block. But I always have...the great internet! Sigh. I just saw a show about the astronomy of the end of the universe...how can I work that into a plot? Hmm.
Jim B

S Kay Murphy said...

Cupid's arrow has been known to strike in even stranger places....

Lorelei said...

Hi Kay,
I suppose so, but not much stranger. I was floored by the State Dept's list of items he had given her, totally a value of some 212,000 dollars! She did accept them while there, but had to give them to the government office that oversees these things when she returned. I'm sure she was glad to give them the diamond ring and locket, but I don't know about the Wonder Woman cuffs and the lute.
cheers, Laura