Friday, June 1, 2012

Small Writing vs. Big Writing

Hi readers and writers,

I need to work on a biography that is almost finished and a novel that is about 1/3 done, the latter being a requirement for my MFA program, due by next May in its entirety.  So why is it that my mind skips away to rewriting a travel essay so I can submit it to a contest, polishing up a story about a CO who worked in an insane asylum during WW II to submit to another contest, reformatting a third story to submit for a June 1 deadline?  These contests are fine, but they're just putting off what I really need to do.

Write these books.  Concentrate.  I put my tailbone to the chair and I open the computer and then, my mind plays hooky.  I am getting tired of it, but still, day after day, I don't get down to the jobs I really need to do.

Anyone out there faced this problem and found some great solutions you'd like to share?  I bet I'm not the only one who procrastinates by "pretending" to write, working on the non-urgent jobs and avoiding the important ones.  How can I point my errant brain to what I need it to work on?  My problem is, any time I get too logical, I can no longer write (or I go into science-writing-style, using passive, chronological, logical, simplified, direct, no dialog, no "i").  But this situation is very stressful.  I'd love to get some good, constructive suggestions!



Anonymous said...

Well, Laura, you figure out your problem and I'll tackle mine (writers' block, I mean the total kind). I haven't ever had the kind you're talking about. Good luck,

Anonymous said...

i'd try a walk, Laura. Most problems i have writing can be solved by that. The body is drugged by BIC and it has to encounter some free air to buckle down again, at least my body is like that.

Anonymous said...

Woman up, grind your teeth, and just deny yourself the little jobs. Works for me. I mean, I man up, but you know what I mean.