Friday, April 24, 2009

Writing Tips Continued

Time for some MORE writing tips. Can we have too many? I hope not, lots left still!

Here’s some good advice: “… connect! Go to writers conferences to hone your craft but also to network with other writers. This profession can be lonely and demands draining self-motivation so it's suicide to fail to connect. “ From Brenda Nixon, THE BIRTH TO FIVE BOOK: CONFIDENT CHILDREARING RIGHT FROM THE START (Revell),
“People think it's hard to write a novel because it's so many pages. But any journey is just one step at a time. If you can write a page a day you can finish a novel in a year. A page is only 250 words. We all have at least 250 a day in us. “ From Ian Randall Wilson, author of Great Things Are Coming (
“My best marketing advice: Utilize the Internet. Ask bloggers to write reviews. Schedule a blog tour with virtual visits to blogs. Use social networking sites like Facebook, LinkdIn, and Twitter.” From Lucy Adams, Author of If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny .
“My favorite tip to give is to "never give up" even when you think your project is dead. It took me two years to get published. Don't give up.” From Gary Unger,
”I believe that writing, vs. writing a blog are quite different things altogether. Certainly the blog readers attention span is shorter, but more significantly writing a blog is very much more ‘conversational.’ I have found as my blog has evolved so has my writing style. Unlike a paper you might hand in in college, or a print article we would sit down to read, a blog talks back.” From Craig Sumsky “First thing in the morning, sit down at your writing place - computer or note pad. No email. No web. No television or radio or newspaper or anything else. Just you and your writing tools of choice. Stay there until you write. It doesn't have to be good; it just has to be something - you can always rewrite. But stay the course and don't leave until you've got something down on paper/screen. Repeat daily. Never give up.” From Libbe HaLevy, author, Blast Your "Writer's Block" to Smithereens!; .

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Jan said...

I am a new writer embarking on getting 25 years of professional knowledge down on paper!! This was very interesting and I have found this to be all true.