Friday, May 1, 2009

Writing Tips continued

Here are more tips, this time a mixture of general advice and blog-specific advice. Enjoy! Laura
“Write about how you have solved problems or overcome obstacles. Readers connect strongly with writing that provides solutions. This need not be personal; explain how to organize an overflowing email inbox, grow an avocado tree, or connect to a SQL database.” From - Jess Johnson writer for GrokCode
Barbara Dana and her newly released book.

“When I have a day when I can’t write, think I’m no good, the idea is stupid, the whole thing should be thrown out, I say to myself. “I’m not going to write today. But if I were going to write I would write something like this. Then I write something that I usually end up developing the next day. Sometimes I end up using it just the way it came out!” From Betsy Model quoting Barbara Dana (, author of A Voice of Her Own: Becoming Emily Dickinson.
“Know your audience, write for that audience, and promote to it. Whether it's a commercial project or a novel, know who you're talking to and what you want them to do, and how you'll reach them to tell about it.” From Shel Horowitz,
“My best and perhaps only tip that applies to all writers is to do with getting started. I don't mean what time of day you switch on the computer, I mean getting started when you have something to say - even if it is just for your own satisfaction. Despite doing a lot of work for educational publications I didn't find the courage to start and finish a novel until well into middle age. Why? because all the time I could hear a voice (a parent) saying 'And just who do you think you are - showing off like that?'” From Jane Arredondo (J.G. Harlond)
“Viral marketing tip: Recently, I have been using twitter to try and spread the word a bit. I've followed lots of people in my location and in field of expertise. I set up an auto feed so when I make a new blog post, it automatically sends a tweet out on Twitter. When people see good posts, they re-tweet it, therefore sending the word out to the wide userbase. “ From Anna Moose
Re blog writing: “Post daily! Write ahead! Have a brainstorm list of 50 to 100 blog topics to write about!” From Stacey Kannenberg

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