Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Blackbird Sings, Coming Soon

Hi readers and writers,

I enjoy the annual project of Writing Our Way Home authors Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, the River of Small Stones they collect in January.  Writers all over the world try to observe something with great intensity and write a short description of it, each day for a month.  A few of these "small stones" are collected by Fiona and Kaspalita and made into a book, an ebook and usually a paperback as well.  The collection of small stones, with philosophical musings of Fiona and Kaspalita, will be released soon.  It's called The Blackbird Sings this year, and I really like the cover design, shown above.  It will be for sale on Amazon and its release will be celebrated by a world-wide festival of new Small Stone poetry.  I'm proud to have a poem in the collection, but I bought last year's even though I had not participated in the project.  I'd encourage you to look at it and if you enjoy short poems, to buy it and perhaps to try your hand a small stone writing.  January will be here soon, and you would surely enjoy joining in if you decide to participate.



Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Did you ever hear the Cat Stevens recording of Morning Has Broken? Somehow this cover reminds me of it.
Lucia M

Lorelei said...

Yes! In fact my husband and I liked that so much we tried to sing it at our wedding. I was a bit shaky, so my voice was not very good, but we meant well. I can follow along with Cat in my mind, seeing pictures of green grass, blackbird, etc even now, thinking about listening to it. Thanks for reminding me!