Thursday, February 28, 2013

Z is for zebra for February 26 on Alphabetaphilia

Hi readers and writers,

This is the last day for this year's alphabetaphilia so if you're still enthused about alliteration, feel free to go back to any letter you'd like and add a sentence using 5 words starting with that letter on Feb 27 and Feb 28 or any other day you visit the blog.
Here's a zebra, Equus quagga to scientists,a favorite photo from Creative Commons, to inspire you today to find 5 z-words, use in a sentence, and post in comments.  The coat of the zebra has to be one of the wonders of the world.  If you watch a herd gallop by in real life or in TV, the optical movement is overpowering.



bismarck said...

zany, zoological, zilch, zither, zigzag

The zany clown zigzaged through the zoological gardens on his Vespa, asking everyone for a zither, and shouting "zilch" when they denied having one.

Laura Hoopes said...

zinger, zaftig, Zelda, zinc, zoology

The zaftig Zelda took a zinc tablet before zoology so she could deliver the customary zinger when the professor called on her.