Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Author Interview and Favorite Questions

Hi readers and writers,

Fascinating Authors just did an interview with me about Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling that is posted here. (If the link is broken, paste this URL into your browser to see it: http://www.fascinatingauthors.com/interviews/fascinating-author-interviews-laura-l-mays-hoopes/).  I really enjoyed some of the questions and that made me wonder, either as readers of interviews or as authors being interviewed, what questions have you found most interesting?  I'll share some of mine in the comments in a few days.  If you've always wanted some kind of author insight, this is a chance to help me pick out questions for my next round of author interviews!

Laura Hoopes


Anonymous said...

Here's my favorite question, one you escaped Laura!

What makes writing dangerous for you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

One of the best is, what did you hope to leave readers with after they finish your book?

I think you had a couple of questions that got at this issue in that new interview of yours.

Patrick O

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,

My favorite is What was hardest for you in writing this book?

The easy parts don't make you think nearly as much.


SharonW said...

"What part of writing just doesn't come naturally to you, and how did you learn to do it anyway?"

Lorelei said...

Hi friends,

One of my favorite questions is, during the writing of this book, what surprised you?