Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Color of Water and Glaciers

Dear readers and writers,

I wrote about the indescribable color of the water in bays with tidewater glaciers that slowly pour their ice into the water before I went to Alaska to visit Glacier Bay.  I thought I'd post a few of the pictures I took there.  It isn't possible to capture exactly the blue that you see when there, in fact I see when I paste them in that the computer won't even show the same blues I can see on my camera screen, but you can get some indication of how overwhelming the presence of these natural phenomena can be.  What I can't show you at all is the crack and thunder you hear when the new icebergs give way and fall into the water from the face of the glacier.

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SharonW said...

OH! It's been years since we went to Alaska and saw those glaciers - thank you for reminding me!

You're right, it's not quite the same blue (for one thing, as I remember it the glacier blue seemed to be lit from inside - maybe it was; sunlight being refracted through the ice??). But it's in the same general neighborhood, for those who haven't been there to see it themselves.