Sunday, July 22, 2012

#Friday Fictioneers late, Grape Arbor Danger

Hi readers and writers,
I'm getting back into town from Arkansas and Texas, and so I'm posting my Friday Fictioneers piece late again.  See Madison Woods' blog for details and to see all the other photo responses.
I'd love any suggestions for improvement or responses to this posting.

Grape Arbor Danger

The grapevines climbed over the arbor.  Lucy looked around for Mark but didn’t see him.  It was an odd place to meet. 
Suddenly there were hands over her eyes.  “Guess who?”
“No.” Something hit her over the head.  When she came to, her eyes were covered and her arms and legs were tied up.  The man picked her up and carried her for a few minutes, then dropped her.  She heard sounds of fighting, then crashing through the brush. 
Mark said,  “I’m so sorry, Lucy.  This is not your fight.” He cut the cords and took off the rag from her eyes.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I really want to know what this is all about. Is it part of a longer story?

Lorelei said...

Hi Claire,

I don't have a longer piece that this belongs to, but it does seem to imply more than I could fit into 100 words. Mark is into something bad, up to the neck probably!