Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alphabetaphilia Starts Weds, Feb 1, 2012. Simple Directions.

Hi friends of reading and writing,

Here is the fast version of February Alphabetaphilia:
The letter of the day matches the order in the alphabet.  Feb 1 is A, Feb 2 is B, etc.  The last three days are wild cards, any letter you choose.

Choose five favorite words that begin with the letter of the day (your LIST).

Make up a sentence using those five words (SENTENCE)

Post the LIST and SENTENCE on this blog ( under the Day and Letter title, as a COMMENT.  It will take up to a day to be approved and posted (sorry, I have a busy life).

If you miss a day or two, no problem, you can make up the days you missed OR just skip them.  No need for guilt.

That's it.  Hope to see you around playing with the glorious alphabet and words that sound delicious all during February!   Laura


Anonymous said...

Okay Laura, I get it. Sorry, I need the simple version. I enjoyed your longer post on this, but got so involved in whys and wherefores, when I was done I wasn't sure how it worked.
Thinking about A words already.

Anonymous said...

I was having a hard day till I read the directions on your post. It was just the ticket for lifting my spirits! When I started playing with the project while on my walk, I felt energized and excited! Thanks!

I ended up with 5 5-word sentences, with each word beginning with A in each sentence. It was a challenge making a sentence with 5 words, with each word having to start with A, but then I got on a roll. What fun!

Then I saw a comment (didn't want to read it until I'd posted), then realized that I had done it all wrong! But since it was such fun, I thought I'd send them to you for a chuckle, then I'll work on it the correct way.

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Alertness always alleviates auditory angst.

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Annoying adults advocate abrogating altruism.

Lorelei said...

What fun! I love the way you took the complexity to another level. And the five sentences are really good ones. Great work!

merlin said...

Today, February, 15th, I finally read the full posting about Alphabetaphilia and realized, to my horror, that this is a judged contest. My horror is really in light of some sloppy mistakes I've made, like yesterday, hitting "N" when it should have been "m" for the word my, not ny. Bad enough the mistake exists, but in light of judging, will you be forgiving or should I repost to correct such silly mistakes? There was also the time my flying fingers typed "thier for their" and I'm sure others. I'd have liked to email you directly with this question, but I don't see a contact option outside of posting. Really, it has been a blast, mistakes and all, thank you for this charming and challenging activity.

Lorelei said...

Dear Merlin,
There's no problem with typos. After considering the way the River of Stones was managed, I decided that at the end of the month, I will post (or email if I have email contact) asking each person to email me their 10 favorite Alphabetaphilia postings for the contest and also to indicate if they wish to have some of them selected to be included in the pdf Alphabetaphilia 2012. That will offer each person a chance to correct any typos and to select favorites to present.
cheers, Laura