Monday, January 2, 2012

Stripes on the Grass, Laura's 2nd Small Stone

The sun behind the fence stripes the grass with dark and light green.  In the shadow by the fence, six light grey, round rocks wait for their turn in the sunlight.  The rosemary reaches high and shines out with golden green, already spotlighted.  I smell its aroma on the light breeze.

Enjoy your own moment of intense mindfulness each day in January; scroll down to find the January Small Stones information.    Cheers,  Laura


Lorelei said...

There is lots unsaid in this piece that I feel anyway--the pushiness of the rosemary, hogging the sun, the patience of the round grey stones waiting for their turn and knowing it is coming--I love that! You know ambiguity and implication are my bread and butter!
Elaine P

Lorelei said...

Readers: If you send a comment by email and want me to post it, please say so. If you send one and don't say so, I will leave it in email. As you see, I posted Elaine's but not two others I received.