Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post Your B Lists and Sentences Here for Feb 2

Hi friends,

B is for...blackbird!  Alphabetaphilia day 2, February 2, means it's time to post your list of five words starting with B and your absurd or gorgeous sentence using them all.  Welcome!  I hope you're taking time to enjoy other people's lists and sentences so you can encounter some more amazing words.



SharonW said...

My "B" words: black, bull, broke, blueberries, blame: The black and white spotted bull broke through the fence to eat some ripe blueberries, and who can blame him?

Anonymous said...

Bombastic, brackish, bullrush, bigamist, bellicose

The bellicose bigamist was arrested for his bombastic outburst at the bullrush festival finale.

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Bitterness, briars, broken-hearted, ballistic, beanie

Susie's beanie fell off in the briars and she was broken-hearted until George went ballistic and yelled at her, leading to bitterness.

Cathy M

Anonymous said...

Boisterous, boat, boastful, bashful, brainy

The brainy boy Benjamen was bashful, very different from his cousin Barney, who was boastful about his huge toy boat.

Melissa M

PS Sorry I missed A!

Anonymous said...

Bent, bandit, beryl, bower, bituminous

Beryl lit a smoky fire of bituminous coal in a bent stove in her one-room bower, never expecting a bandit to arrive.

Marie C

merlin said...

benevolent, breathed, breath, birth, baptizes

A benevolent God breathed life into the dust, is witness to the first breath at every birth and baptizes us with love.

Carolyn said...

Blithely, belted, bravura, beautiful, bassoon.

He blithely belted out the bravura on his beautiful bassoon.

Anonymous said...

bazooka, beneficent, bellowing, brackish, blowsy

The blowsy girl felt benificent towards the bellowing man with the bazooka, stalwart in the brackish water up to his knees, defending her town.

Marty K