Friday, January 13, 2012

New Classes, New Books, Need One Like Mine?

Hi friends of reading and writing,

I just got a packet of books from the SDSU bookstore for the classes I'm about to take.  And I've been re-reading the three for the two classes I'm teaching at Pomona this semester.  New books smell so good, look so good, and feel so good.  If anyone out there is teaching something where you could use an inexpensive book to show women can have both family and career in science, take a look at my memoir, Breaking Through the Spiral Ceiling (  It's priced to be a feasible course supplement for people who want to discuss issues for women in science.  I am willing to send you a text sample free if you email me about your course or library or whatever venue at  It was just reviewed in BioScience (BIOS) by Emily Schmitt.  My main goal is to open doors and windows for young women who aren't sure they can balance both family and a science career.   Keep reading, keep enjoying books, 2012 is off to a good start, book-wise!

cheers, Laura

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Laura! I'll email you. Dina