Sunday, January 29, 2012

A is for Alphabetaphilia, Feb 1 Lists and Sentences go here!

Hi friends of reading and writing,

A is for Apple and a whole lot more! Feb 1 is the kickoff day for the alphabetaphilia game for February, 2012.  You need a list of five wonderful words beginning with A today and a sentence using your words, to be posted in the comments below.  I have to moderate comments, so it can take up to a day for your comments to appear, but I'll put them up asap.  I can't wait to see your words and sentences!



Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
I am going to be away from my computer for a couple of days, so I hope you won't mind my jumping the gun for number 1.

Avarice, avian, adoration, apricot, and assuage.

Maurice was able to assuage his avarice for avian Life List acquistion by tracking and adoration of the apricot colored prothonotary warbler.
Bit pompous, but I'll write some more fun ones later on! Joyce B.

Anonymous said...

Alfalfa, ageless, affluent, ambient, acknowledgement.

The ageless woman made acknowledgement of the ambient alfalfa fields to the visitor, saying "I'm not affluent, but I care not."

Cheers, Isabelle P

Lorelei said...

Apple, apology, apprentice, afterthought, ammonia

The apprentice gave me an apology for her apple pie with no sugar and said as an afterthought that it tasted like ammonia.

Anonymous said...

Amble, arresting, auditory, august, abalone

I amble along under the water, every fish arresting my attention, august parrotfish, abalone, sea fans, barnacles, treats for the eye with no auditory input.

Meredith S.

Cheryl said...

Once I got started, I had trouble stopping with just 5. Is that OK?

authority, advancing, ache, alienation, accused, alms, advocate, assassin

She felt she was too protected as a young child, so the egregious authority of the 29-year-old daughter's advancing ache of alienation first accused, then demanded alms of her 56-year-old advocate-assassin, but the grief-stricken mother had no idea how to pay.

Lorelei said...

Hi Cheryl,
Sure, the more the merrier. It's just harder to make a sentence when you put more words on the list! But yours is very interesting, is there a novel coming??

Cheryl said...

best, blunders, bane, balm, basket, blankets, beautiful, bequest, bestowed, bosom

"Guess you could say I learnt best 'bout bustin' up blunders --
'turnin' ba-aa-ne into balm,' as Granny Elda used to say -- from beggin' and borrowin' from her sewing Basket o' Botched Beginin's -- buildin' my own blankets, just like she done; yep, 'twas a beautiful bequest bestowed on me straight from the heart o' her bosom."

SharonW said...

OOOkay - I guess I got confused and thought we were supposed to wait till Feb. 1 to post our "A" entries. So here's mine, and then I'll think about B - angry, antique, artful, antelope, antler: "The collector was angry because the artful antique made of antelope antlers was not for sale."

Anonymous said...

Angst, asperity, alleluia, alizarin, addlepated

Andrea's angst rose as she told the addlepated boy in the alizarin blue shirt to stop singing, "Alleluia!"

Cathy M

merlin said...

aardvark, ants, Africa, awesome, aware

Are you aware of the awesome aardvark, eater of ants, originally from Africa, now a school mascot?