Friday, February 10, 2012

Alphabetaphilia for Feb 11: K is for Kayaks.

For February 11, these kayaks remind us to come up with five words beginning with k and then use them in a sentence, posting it in comments.  Also, enjoy the interesting words others have posted in this thread.  Cheers,


Cheryl said...

kaleidoscopic, knishes, kugles, kippers, kibbe, kiwi, Kool-Aid, kudos

Kaleidoscopic Carte: knishes, kugles, kippers, kibbe, kiwi, strawberry Kool-Aid. Kudos.

Lorelei said...

Klatch, Kazoo, krumhorn, klutz, kernel

The coffee klatch, unable to decide between the krumhorn and the kazoo, had the klutz flip a kernel to make the decision.

Lorelei said...

Cheryl, are you recycling a menu from the B & B here? Sounds like fun!

Cheryl said...

Kiwi, yes. I made potato kugel years ago, but none of the other foods are on B&B breakfast plates here. And I'm a total snob about Kool-Aid. The girls never even had it once when they were growing up, well, not under our roof!

SharonW said...

kayak, keel, keep, khaki, kvetched

"Kayaks should have a keel to keep them upright," kvetched the dripping paddler in khaki.

merlin said...

kinetic, kindly, kids, kite, king, kingdom

The kindly king taught the wee prince about kinetic energy using a kite that flew like a banner over their kingdom called a meadow where the bleating kids grazed.

Hong-My said...

Kleenex, kangaroo, killed, kleptomaniac,kiss

Kiss the kleptomaniac kangaroo goodbye
And empty his pouch of beauties he had taken
While hopping along the Australian desert
Like that skull of a daredevil man
With a large grin showing gold in his molar
The sun, or a poisonous snake, or his wife too tenacious might have killed him.

Anonymous said...

keratin, kink, kerflufle, kinfolk, kaboodle

Clark picked the extra keratin off the kink in his fingernail while his kinfolk got in a kerflufle about the whole kaboodle.


Lorelei said...

Hi Hong-My,
Welcome! Fun Australian-themed sentence!