Thursday, February 9, 2012

J words and a sentence for Feb 10 now!

Hi friends of reading and writing,

Here's a jellyfish to symbolize the day for J-words, February 10th.  Make a list of 5 words beginning with J and use them in a sentence.  Both words and sentences should be posted in the comments below.  I moderate so it may take up to a day to appear on the blog.  

Photo credit: Creative Commons, with thanks.


Lorelei said...

joyful, jubilant, justice, jabber, judge

Joyce was joyful, no jubilant, that the judge gave her justice for the complaint of excess jabber from her neighbor's parrots.

Cheryl said...

joy, jaded, jade, juvenile, jealousy

The May Queen crown was her's, but instead of joy, Anna was jaded - because the jade juvenile jealousy of the others reigned instead.

Anonymous said...

jovial, jurisdiction, jig, join, jinx

The jovial palm reader did the jig in her front yard and invited passersby to join in or risk a jinx on their jurisdictions.


Anonymous said...

jute, jujubes, jewel, joke, jester

Luke the jester danced on the jute rug, tossing jujubes into his mouth through a hoop, wearing jewels on every possible location on his body, stopping to joke with people passing by.

Cathy B

merlin said...

justice,judge,jumped, joy,jolly, juniper

We jumped for joy hearing justice was served with the jolly judge's ruling that the substitution of juniper berries for gin was declared acceptable in the culinary contest.

SharonW said...

jellyfish, jiggly, jongleur, jumped, just

The jongleur jumped aside just in time when a heckler tossed a jiggly raspberry jellyfish at his face.

(Actually, your photo jellyfish is closer to apricot color, but a raspberry jellyfish seems funnier to me.)