Saturday, February 18, 2012

S-words and a sentence for Feb 19, welcome to Spacewalk!

Here, my daughter and her friend do a fake Spacewalk at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory nearby in honor of Feb 19, the day for sibilant S-word alliteration!  List of five words and a sentence go in comments, or just browse and enjoy others' creativity. 


Cheryl said...

soothing, songs, simple, serenades, sibilating, soliloquies, swither

From her soothing songs and simple serenades during my childhood to this: sibilating soliloquies of ALZ swither; this is not my mother.

Anonymous said...

snood, scary, slated, shame, sorry

Helen was slated to play Carrie, but when she showed up in a snood, they reassigned her to play the nun and asked Sally to play the scary part, which was a sorry shame.


Anonymous said...

space, soldier, slobber, savage, sludge

The pit bull had to slobber over the smelly sludge, but the soldier ignored him and stared at the rocket that would soon be shot into space.


SharonW said...

see, seeking, seems, sequence, so, soon

So, it seems we will see the end of our letter sequence far too soon, seeking for a letter beyond "Z".

merlin said...

silence, solitude, simple, soothe, soul, sanity, steeped, sip, spiced

Silence and solitude are two of the simple delights that soothe my soul and restore my sanity, along iwth slowly sipping well steeped spiced tea and listening to soft music.

Lorelei said...

sassy, slinky, stench, sobriety, suffering

Simon was tired of suffering through the stench of sobriety in his dinner club, so he took a night off and visited a casino full of slinky, sassy babes.