Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 7, Time for G-words and a sentence!

Hi friends,

Collect your five words starting with G and turn them into a glorious sentence today for Feb 7.  I'm celebrating the goose.  This one is specifically a Canada goose, the kind that collect all over Chestertown, MD where my husband came from.  They spend the winter there.  Enjoy!


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Cheryl said...

And since I live in Chestertown now, I was just watching the goose goings-on last Thursday. And this is what I saw:

goose, garrulous, gawked, galumphed, grain, garnished, gander

The Wound-Up Goose Chronicle: The garrulous goose gawked, then galumphed to gain the grain for gathering, but he got nothing; the Cinnamon-garnished gander got there first.

merlin said...

genuine, gorgeous, gemologist, greedy, guard

The gorgeous gemologist, Gregg,needed a guard to protect him, as well as his shop, from greedy folks prepared to steal the genuine precious stones and diamonds he had collected over the years.

SharonW said...

galumph, garden, giant, glowing, green:

Green and glowing, the giant frog galumphed into the garden.

SharonW said...

A second entry, in honor of your goose (and the ones who are such a pest around here!)

geese, grass, grazing, green, guard

Geese, grazing on green grass, guard the lake in the part aggressively.

Lorelei said...

Hi Cheryl,
Yes, I can just see that gander descending on the poor goose and getting her share. Great mental image!

Lorelei said...

Gorse, gleaming, granular, gular, goose

The goose flew over the fishing pelicans with their gular pouches empty and then over the granular sand and the gleaming surf, finally landing in the gorse.

Anonymous said...

gentle, gibbering, gibber, ghostly, gemstones

Mary searched for gemstones on the gibber plain, ignoring the gibbering of the kookaburra in the ghostly gum forest and appreciating the gentle breeze.

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Ghastly, grin, glum, gratuitous, gelatinous

He had a ghastly grin hiding his glum feelings as entered the fun house, put on the blindfold, and let the teenagers give him a gratuitous shove so that he fell into a gelatinous substance.