Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I words and a sentence for Feb 9 Alphabetaphilia!

Hi friends,
These Florida ibises remind me to say today is for five I-words and a sentence using them for Feb 9.  Take a few minutes to read the other word lists to remind yourself of some wonderful new words you can use.



Cheryl said...

internalize, ichthus, imbricated, images, insults, inferences, ignominy, illigitimacy, insular

Unable to internalize ichthus, with the passions of others obscuring His, the imbricated images, insults and inferences of the ignominy of Eliza's illigitimacy in the early 1900's, formed the pattern of her life--an insular existence until her death at age 99, but she had the last earthly word on the subject, as she obliterated the incident from her autobiographical obituary, naming her grandparents her legal parents and claiming officially their last name as her own; Amen.

Carolyn said...

Interestingly, Irish, instrument, indigenous, Ireland

Interestingly, the Irish flute is not an instrument indigenous to Ireland.

merlin said...

indigo, intuitive, intelligent, indicators, incredibly, insightful

The professional explained that all of the indicators pointed to the fact that this intuitive, intelligent, incredibly insightful person is what is known as an indigo child.

Anonymous said...

ingenious, igneous, island, insular, intentional

Melinda spoke with intentional deprecation about the insular attitude of the island concerning its ingenious advertising of igneous rock formations.

Lacey L

Lorelei said...

ileum, integument, ibises, indubitable, industrious

It is indubitable that the industrious ibisis have an indestructible integument to their ileum so they can eat practically anything.

SharonW said...

I, ideas, indignant, interesting, interfered

I'm indignant to realize I have no interesting ideas today for "i" sentences, because other obligations interfered.

(And I love that photo - the ibises look so goofy with their long drooping bills. They make me think of discouraged cranes.)

Anonymous said...

instigator, invest, insist, illustrate, indignant

The indignant investigator said he must insist that he see the records of when Mr. Johns did invest in the company so he could illustrate the findings with a specific case.


Anonymous said...

ischemic, incendiary, ignoble, irritate, illumination

The old surgery suite continued to irritate the incendiary surgeon who operated on ischemic patients there daily and considered it ignoble to do it under less-than-perfect circumstances

Isabelle P

Lorelei said...

Dear SharonW,

The ibises have always reminded me of Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh, and I suspect you're seeing the same thing when you see them as discouraged cranes.


SharonW said...

Laura - Oh, they ARE like Eeyore, aren't they? Yup, you got it.