Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 4 is for D-words and sentence

Hi writer friends,
Today is Feb 4, the day for a list of five inspiring words starting with D and a sentence using them all.  My picture today shows two D's: daughter and dog!



Cheryl said...

deleterious, delitescent, diet, disgusted, discouraged, discussion, diatribe, distressing, disasters

My deleterious diet, including delitescent Ding-Dongs, (squirreled away in the oven where I knew my husband would not look), disgusted and discouraged me, causing me to direct an internal discussion - a diatribe, really, about the distressing disasters that awaited me if I didn't do things differently.

Lorelei said...

daughter, dog, dubious, dragonfly, delicious

My daughter was dubious that the dog would find cheese delicious, but he proved it, wagging away the dragonfly with his tail as he snapped it up.

Lorelei said...

Dear Cheryl,
This one is so funny! I can imagine a whole story written in that voice.

SharonW said...

dare, dive, dog, double, duck

I double dog dare you to dive like a duck!

merlin said...

diligent, delightful, daughter, dreams, destiny

I am the delightful daughter of my dreams, diligently working toward my destiny.

Anonymous said...

dastardly, dramatic, dullard, dalmatic, dentate

With a dramatic gesture, Enoch draped Theodore with a dalmatic ornamented with dentate red leaves and Dougald the atheist dullard yelled, "Dastardly."

Joyce B

Anonymous said...

daisy, dalmatian, digitalis, dianthus, delphinium

"You doltish dalmatian," Benjamin croaked, 'can't you tell a daisy from a digitalis or a dianthus from a delphinium?"

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

diapause, dingbat, dormouse, dalliance, dubious

Dubious dalliance by a dormouse cannot break the diapause of a dingbat, can it?

Isabelle P

Anonymous said...

dusty, drab, dingy, daily, droplet

The dusty, drab, dingy ring sparkled anew each morning after Susan gave it a daily polish with a droplet of morning dew.

Meredith S

Anonymous said...

delirious, demented, doctoral, dent, distance

Although Mark thought her demented to try driving there, Kate was delirious with happiness when her car made it the whole distance to her doctoral award ceremony in spite of the huge dent in the front fender from the accident.

Cathy M

Anonymous said...

donkey, devious, diva, donut, dustpan

The devious diva sent George out for a donut so he would not see her sweep up the broken decanter with the painted donkey on it with a dustpan.


Anonymous said...

drapery, dittany, disabled, dragon, dross

Stephen took off his court drapery, drank the dittany wine Eloise had left him, disabled his sword by blunting the tip, chipped the diamond eye out of the dragon on its handle, and whispered "Dross," as he threw it behind the door.


Anonymous said...

dragoman, dangerous, drunken, distant, dogbane

The dangerous, drunken dragoman undertook an expedition to a distant land to obtain the dogbane he needed for his quest.

Joseph T