Thursday, February 23, 2012

X-ray for X-day on Alphabetaphilia, February 24.

Here's a classic X-ray of his wife Anna's hand by Roentgen, the inventor of the X-ray machine, from Creative Commons/Gnu.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia if you're interested.  Today is the day for five x-words on Alphabetaphilia, and a sentence using them all, to be posted in the comments here.  It's a real challenge today!  Enjoy,  Laura


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merlin said...

xenophobic, xylophone, xenon, xyphoid, X-ray

The xenophobic man played the xylophone and breathed xenon gas while waiting for the X-ray of his xiphoid to be taken.

Cheryl said...

xanthic, xylographer, xeroxed, xyloid, xylograph

The xanthic-haired xylographer could make no determination about the authenticity of the relic, since the poor condition of the xeroxed copy of it made it impossible to assess even the material used: xyloid or xylograph? Who knew?

SharonW said...

"Don't hide the Xeroxed X-ray of the mutated xylem in that xylophone - it's imported!" shouted the xenophobic mastermind.