Sunday, February 12, 2012

M-Words and Sentence for Feb 13 go here--Halfway point for Alphabetaphilia.

Here's a misty mountain from Tennessee to symbolize the M-words and sentence for today, February 13.  Post your list and sentence in the comments and enjoy the words others have picked.


SharonW said...

many, melting, mile, more, mountains

Step by step, mile by mile, we climbed the many mountains only to find more hills melting into the distance.

merlin said...

matron, magical, maiden, merlin, merriment, mission, marriage

The matron was to chaperone the maiden to her wedding but a magical merlin flew in and cast a spell of merriment,so the three meandered their way to the marriage appointment, enjoying every festival and feast along the way, forgetting their original mission.

Cheryl said...

motoring, Munich, morning, mourning, murder, museum, mounded, memories, malevolence, mercy, monument, monumental, moved, moved, mute, message, mirth, mused

After motoring from Munich to Dachau on a Sunday morning, and touring the murder museum mounded with memories of malevolence without mercy, we stood in front of the monument with the words, "Nie Vieter," in many languages, mourning in the morning sun, moved and mute as we mused about the monumental message while a myriad of teenagers, filled with mirth, gathered around for a photo op; we had to move on.

Lorelei said...

magisterial, movement, motion, musicality, melange

The magisterial conductor made an abrupt motion with his stick, then led the orchestra in playing the third movement with musicality in spite of the unusual melange of instruments used.

Anonymous said...

mustard, maven, merriment, mistake, mumps

"You have mumps," Dolly said, spreading mustard on her crumpet as merriment erupted from the food maven across the table at her mistake.


Anonymous said...

matron, misogynist, morel, moral, morale

The pompous man continued to eat his morel salad and took no notice as the matron accused him of disrupting morale with his misogynist moral dicta.

Cathy M

Anonymous said...

moon-roof, minister, mat, melting, mutt

The mutt jumped into the BMW with the moon-roof and chewed the floor mat while giving his master, the minister, a melting look from his big brown eyes.