Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb 6 is for a certain kind of words starting with F...

Hi friends,

We all know I'm not going to post lists with some F words.  Just don't go there.  But there are lots of F words that you can play with!  Here are some flowers from Provincetown to inspire you.  Come up with a list of five and a sentence using them and post in comments.  Reminder: Comments are moderated. 



Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. Frump, flummery, flummox, fustian, fume

Unable to avoid being a frump, Caterina donned her fustian flummery smelling of mothballs, and went to the party, causing her cousin Dellara to say Caterina could flummox a saint and to fume about her to all their friends.


Anonymous said...

flowers, flow, flossy, forest, frost

When the frost hit the forest, the flow stopped in the streams and all the flossy flowers lost their glow.

Dastardly Dick

No fun, should let us use ANY f-words! Nabokov would not be amused.

Anonymous said...

I'll use flake for the first f-word I mean but cannot say
foment, follow, fascinate, and
fig for the second one I cannot say on here.

Robert wanted to fascinate, follow, and flake Patsy but he could not succeed in fomenting the fig he wanted.


Lorelei said...

OK Rochester, I see what you're up to, but technically you've satisfied the censor. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Frisky, fabulize, fawn, focus, frozen

The fawn became too frisky and fell through the ice on the stream while Giles made a photograph of the frozen fawn to fabulize using a focus on the surface of the ice alone.


merlin said...

follicle, festers, friendship, fetid, forgiveness

The fetid friendship in want of forgiveness is like a follicle festering needing healing.

SharonW said...

fail, faulty, feared, fingering, flat:

Frank feared that he would fail his orchestra audition because his C sharp was so flat and his fingering was so faulty.

Cheryl said...

food, fests, frequently, famous, familiar, fulfillment

Food fests occur fairly frequently at the Mead Feed Hall, where foodies' function is to chow down, fall to, fatten on, feast upon, lick, pick, gulp down, graze, praise, sip the flip--where they're 'fools all for food' for the famous, familiar fare--fulfillment for all, and the 'pull towards full' of the fiesta forces all to follow with a satiation siesta.