Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 3 is for C-words and a sentence; post in comments here!

Hi friends,
Feb 3 is the day for five words beginning with C that you love and enjoy, and then a sentence with those words along with any others you need.   Post in Comments below!  Cliff is one of mine, as seen in this picture from a cliff at Montana de Oro State Park near Morro Bay, California.



Anonymous said...

Clash, charity, clavicle, corona, constancy

The kindergarten teacher, Kate, had a broken clavicle that strained her charity, but she avoided a clash and deserved a corona for her constancy.

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Ahh C! Chambered, constant, clamor, custard, centered

Marie heard a constant clamor from the kitchen where Susan beat the custard with a mixer that was not centered over the bowl.

Fun! Elizabeth B

Lorelei said...

cliff, chambered, crash, carom, curlew

Walking along the cliff, Lorelei thought of the chambered nautilus as she watched waves carom and crash and heard the cries of the curlew.

Cheryl said...

Calming, consoling, culinary, comfort, crock, cumin, chicken, chili, chill, cataclysm, candescence, crucible, container, completely, covered

Calming, consoling, soothing, and oozing in warmth, the culinary comfort found in the crock of cumin-laced chicken chili took the chill out - all the way down to her bones, transforming cataclysm to candescence, and the crucible to a quiet container--completely covered.

SharonW said...

Clay, comes, clinging, children, colors:

Clay comes in clinging to children's shoes and colors the new rug.

merlin said...

compassion, class, conscioius, culture, confusing

Colleen joined the compassion class, learned to be more conscious, aware of the power of each moment, hoped to make a difference in the confusing culture and discovered self-compassion along the way.