Sunday, February 19, 2012

For Feb 20, here is a trio of T's: tree, tower, and tide for Alphabetaphilia

Here are three picutes of T: the tide going out in Provincetown, MA, the tower at Tor House in Carmel, CA, and a bare tree in winter in Claremont, CA.  So, Feb 20 is the day for t-words, five, and then a t-sentence using them all.  Please post in comments, browse through to see what wacky words others have found.


Cheryl said...

twelve, tweezers, twinkling, twilight, twaddle

Twelve tweezers twinkling at twilight: twaddle.

SharonW said...

The, tide, till, too, toppled, tower, tree

The tide lapped relentlessly at the base of the tower till it toppled like a too-old tree.

(I have to admit that "till" may be cheating...and including "the" just feels wrong because you can hardly get through a sentence in English without it. But, well, it IS a T word!)

merlin said...

trials, trying, toughening, tinkering , terrifying, thoughts, tumbling, tragic

The trials of life are trying, toughening my heart, tinkering with my personal peace, terrifying thoughts tumble about my mind with the tragic news of the student's death.