Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 16 Alphabetaphilia: P is for pagoda, word lists and sentences go here.

Here's an old pagoda we visited in WuCheng village in China to remind us that Feb 16 is the day for P words and a sentence on Alphabetaphilia!  Post a list of 5 words and a sentence in the comments and cruise by to see the wonderful words others have chosen.  cheers, Laura


Cheryl said...

perusing, pomegranate, pondered, project, preparation, procedure, pulp,precision,perseverance,
promised, pieces, perfection

Perusing the hard, brittle skin-shell of the pomegranate exterior's toughened texture, I pondered my project of preparation, considering the difficulty of the procedure of the separation of astringent hive-comb pulp from the nesting arials, tender, but tight in their tiny tabernacles; but with surgical-sensitive precision, worker bee perseverance, and with my fingers and fruit completely under the water in my brown, 70's era mixing bowl, the promised pieces of crunch-perfection were delivered in 12 minutes per pom.

merlin said...

prerogative, perjury, paradise, punishing, perfection, purgatory

It is my prerogative to commit perjury, I will risk the punishment of prison and purgatory, as paradise and its perfection seem overrated.

SharonW said...

pagoda, perforated, pinholes, points, purple

The points on all of the pagoda's roofs perforated the purple evening sky with pinholes just big enough for the stars to shine through.

Anonymous said...

placid, perigrination, post, placard, princely

The placid man stopped his peregrination to post a placard advertising a princely reward for entering a writing contest.'


Anonymous said...

popcorn, prance, plastic, pincer, puce

Wearing her puce gown, the debutante took a prance around the room in a pincer movement with her best friend Caroline, avoiding the popcorn and telling her Aunt Paulette her hair looked too plastic.


Lorelei said...

Penelope, pomegranate, plastered, pronounced, plunder

Aha, thought Hades, my plunder, Penelope, is plastered over the pomegranate and won't notice my pronounced rupture of the earth to grab her.