Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 8 is for H: Honey for you, and words with H.

Hi friends,

Here's honey for Feb 8, to sweeten your day.

Alphabetaphilia is rolling and you can play too, even if you're just coming in.  Find five words starting with H for today, then use them in a sentence.  You can post totally anonymously or not, your choice.


Photo credit: Akarlovic (Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

hackneyed, habit, haggard, hunched, hymn, hollow, heterodoxy, hostage, hope

The hackneyed habit of the haggard, hunched, hung-over dipsomaniac of hailing the pedestrians with his sing-song hymn, "Nice day...Be good...," hit hollow each time, considering his heterodoxy, but she always sang back anyway, "O-kaaay"--held hostage to hope.

Anonymous said...

heather, hobo, hollow, holograph, heartening

The hobo climbed out of the hollow thinking of how he was disinherited by his father's holograph will but finding the purple heather's bright color heartening.


SharonW said...

happy, hard, heavy, high, hill

Sisyphus said, "Well, the stone is heavy and hard to push, but you wouldn't believe the view from high on that hill - so I guess I'm happy!"

merlin said...

hellacious, hysteria, handling, halitosis, hyperventilating.

The experience can only be described as hellacious with the hysteria of delayed travelers, the chaotic handling of the boarding, the halitosis of my seatmate,and my hyperventilating.

Anonymous said...

home, holiday, hope, hasty, hunting

Lewis was hunting for his suitcase for a hasty packing so he could go home for the holiday and hope to have a relaxing visit with family.


Lorelei said...

Happiness, horror, hinterland, hospice, honey

Karen was looking for happiness on her hike in the hinterland but Horace had brought a horror film to view at the hospice while Karen ate honey toast and tried not to look.

Anonymous said...

hangdog, hanging, high, hallowed, hinge

The door swung open, hanging from its high hinge, and the hangdog cowboy with his hallowed ten gallon hat slouched into the saloon.

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

homeless, heavenly, honorable, hysterical, homonym

The heavenly smile of the homeless man as he produced the parade of verse with the homonym chorus made Henry address him as "The Honorable Poet."

Cathy M