Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 5. E word list and sentence today!

Hi friends,

Here is where you can post your list of words beginning with E and your sentence.  It's no exaggeration to say words with e are excellent! Here's a basket of eggs from my friends Rob and Diane's farm.  Do you see the blue ones? Not dye, they're naturally different colors. The egg is a beginning place, so if you're just starting Alphabetaphilia, no problem! You can go back and do the earlier ones or not, your own choice!



Cheryl said...

emerging, edge, engine, effervescent, energy, elan, exact

Emerging from around the edge of the stationary engine wheel of the train, the toddler's effervescent energy propelling his elan, Sam stopped short, and shouted, "TWAIN! ME!" as adult heads nodded in exact agreement all the way around.

Anonymous said...

excelsior, enigmatic, eloping, effluvia, energy

Nina's energy was overwhelming, and Max's effluvia enticed her to an enigmatic eloping, saying "Excelsior!"


merlin said...

Edward, elephant, Excellency, evil, escape

His Excellency, King Edward, rode away on an eager elepahnt trying to escape his evil brother.

SharonW said...

eagerly, egg, egret, elm, emerald

Under the elm tree, the egret waits eagerly to hatch her emerald egg.

Anonymous said...

excelsior, embedded, extraneous, extraordinary, effortless

Lisa Chang's effortless extraordinary toe loop jump was embedded in the program so well it made her coach yell, "Excelsior!"

Cathy B

Lorelei said...

Eggs, egged, exaggerated, exonerated, even

Even though she exaggerated the excellence of her eggs, Rupert egged Shirley on to even more bragging.

Anonymous said...

Entire, elaborate, either, ether, especial

Melinda though the entire elaborate cake was especial and either Susie or Karen had channeled the ether to design it.

Cathy M

Anonymous said...

everlasting, eventually, establish, enucleate, ectopic

Morpheus will eventually establish an everlasting, though ectopic, sleep for each of us unless we enucleate our brains first.