Friday, February 24, 2012

Y for February 25, here's yarrow for Alphabetaphilia

Hi friends of reading and writing,
For February 25, you need five words beginning with y and a sentence to go in the comments below.  I just wish you could smell the yarrow, but maybe you know what to imagine it smelled like.

Photo credit: Thanks to Creative Commons.


Cheryl said...

yearning, yesterday, yeast, yielded, yammering, yanked, yet, yummy

Yearning for yesterday's yeast rolls (which yielded way too few and were way long gone), she grew tired of her own yammering and finally yanked herself back into the kitchen, rising to the occasion, to make yet another yummy batch.

SharonW said...

yawned, yarrow, yelled, yellow, your

They yelled, "Why is your yarrow yellow?", and I just yawned.

merlin said...

yearning,yore, youngsters, yo-yo, yellow, yodeling

I am yearning for the days of yore when youngsters spent their time seeking yellow dandelions for bouquets and yodeling about their jump rope and yo-yo games.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, yule, yardage, yanked, yokel

The yokel yanked the yardage from the spool, saying that it seemed like the yuletide had passed only yesterday, but now spring was here.