Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 26 is the day for Z words and a sentence, and here are zebras

On the day for Z words, what better reminder than these wonderful zebras taken by Muhammad Mahdi Karim and available on Creative Commons.  Find five z words and put them in a sentence.  Tomorrow the directions will be a surprise!


Cheryl said...

zenith, zephr, zinnias, Zelda, zabaglione, Zinfandel

It was the zenith of a wonderfully relaxed day on a summer evening with a warm zephr ruffling the edges of the tablecloth on the table set out in the garden just behind the zinnias, and Zelda was looking foward to a quiet culinary benediction, which was why she said, "Let's keep it simple, Andy; we'll just light the candles and have dessert," so with zabaglione served, and with Zinfandel poured, that's exactly what they did, with a toast from Andy to Zelda, "It's been great; and now, a sweet goodnight."

SharonW said...

zany, zebras, Zen, zero, zoos

Zero zoos keep zebras who are Zen masters, because that would be too zany.

merlin said...

The zephyr frequently appeared during the hot season in the zebra refuge, gently rocking the zoo's advertising zeppelin and bringing welcome relief to the visiting zoologist there to study the effects of dehydration on zygote development.