Wednesday, February 22, 2012

W is for Wave and for World in Alphabetaphilia on Feb 23!

Hi Alphabetaphilia,

Here is a picture of an amazing wave effect atop a hill in Washington where some trees were cut and others remained tall and the whole world, both to inspire your lists of W-words for today, February 23.  Find five, use them in a sentence, and post in comments below, or just cruise by the comments to see a fabulous collection of wild words beginning with W!
world Photo credit: Creative Commons


Cheryl said...

weak, worry, wounded, woman, worked, weeping, wondering, wandering, welcome, winsome

Weak with worry, the wounded woman worked out her weeping into the lump of dough on the counter in front of her, wondering what time her wandering fifteen-year-old daughter would return, yet still wanting to welcome her with the bread's winsome aroma of home.

SharonW said...

we, what, when, will, wonder, world

I wonder what in the world we will do tomorrow when we'll need five "X" words.

merlin said...

wallowed, wildly, wending, western, woods, willingly, wonderful

The hogs wallowed wildly, wending their way through the western woods of France, searching for wonderful truffles that we would willingly consume later with our supper.