Friday, February 17, 2012

River for February 18, R-word Day for Alphabetaphilia

A few years ago when I took a writing workshop at University of Iowa during the summer, it wasn't clear they could have the workshops because the river was flooded so badly.  By the time we got there, it was down some, but there were still trees standing in the "river" like this.  Today, it's R-words on Alphabetaphilia, so find 5 R-words and make a sentence with all five, then post below in comments.  Enjoy reading others' ideas.  cheers, Laura


Cheryl said...

riches, romance, remain, riddles, retired, ribbon, reading, reaching, reminiscing, reluctantly

Wanting the secret riches of the mysteries of their romance to remain riddles, the two eighty-somethings retired to their armchairs in front of the fireplace, pulling out the pack of their ribbon-wrapped love letters, each of them reading the first of the letters in the stack to the other, reminiscing, then reluctantly reaching out together to lay them in the fire, their memories intact, private and smouldering with sweetness still, but with the evidence of their flame only ashes.

Anonymous said...

rushing, river, restless, roaming, revolving

In the midst of the river, a log is revolving as the restless water, rushing by, continues roaming out of its banks.

Isabelle P

Anonymous said...

raven, reach, rancor, rosewater, ruthless

The ruthless headmaster reached out to hit the student's hand with rancor as the pet raven squawked loudly and knocked over the rosewater.


Lorelei said...

rose, rocket, rant, relent, rather

"I would rather watch the rocket," Bill said to his father, but he would not relent and continued to rant in the rose garden about his son's poor grades.

SharonW said...

racers, rapids, river, rounding, rushing

Rounding the last bend in the river, the canoe racers paddled even harder, rushing through the rapids to calm water at the finish line.

merlin said...

rooster, royal, ruby, red, receptive, regal, raucous, resplendent

The royal rooster with his regal crown, resplendent in ruby red, attracted the receptive hens with his raucous crowing.

Anonymous said...

roseate, remarkable, roving, rusty, rivet

The biker sat on the rivet staring at the remarkable roseate sunset while the roving dog waved his tail and sniffed at the rusty gate.

Cathy B