Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's February 22 for V-words, try this antique Valentine for inspiration!

For February 22, the cupids at this Valentine want to see five v-words and a wonderful sentence using them posted in the comments below.  Or just read and enjoy what creative sentences others have produced and let that inspire your writing.
Photo credit: Creative Commons with thanks.


Cheryl said...

vapid, vitiated, votary, view, vision, valid, vulpine, verve, vacuousness

The vapid, vitiated votary's view was that the vision and practice were valid, but he was blinded by the leader's vulpine verve, which caused him to miss the underlying vacuousness of the program, which was also completely devoid of integrity.

SharonW said...

vagaries, valentines, veil, very, violets

Valentines and violets cannot veil the vagaries of love very long, alas.

merlin said...

valiant, vivacious,vain,verified, vestibule

With valiant effort they tried to save the vivacious girl,but it was in vain, her death was verified in the vestibule of her parent's mansion.