Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alphabetaphilia for Feb 12: L-words and a sentence

Hi friends,

For February 12, here is a lotus from Huntington Garden and lion from WuCheng village in China to inspire us to find interesting L-words.  So, think if five L-words and use them in a sentence then post in comments.  Let the lion excite your love of language while the lotus keeps its sleep-inducing tendencies in abeyance for the day and simply touches us with its serentity.


Anonymous said...

from Cheryl, done this way due to a problem with the moderation process:

Cheryl has left a new comment on your post "Alphabetaphilia for Feb 12: L-words and a sentence...":

lingering, loving, luxuriating, long, luscious, layers, leisurely, lengthening, limbering, legs,laid, longing, lap, Lord, loquacious

Lingering just past 5:30 A.M., loving the luxuriating for long minutes into luscious layers of memory foam-topped mattress, slowly stretching the stiffness, leisurely lengthening and limbering my legs then folding them back again, I laid each longing and unfolded worry in the lap of my Lord, lost in stretched-out wonder: loquacious worship.

SharonW said...

lay, light, lion, lips, lotus

In the first light of dawn, lotus petals lay around the feet of the stone lion and clung to its lips.

merlin said...

lilac, larkspur, lupine, little, lingering

First the lilac, then the lupines and larkspurs bloom, last are the roses with thier fragrance lingering in little jars of homemade potpourri.

Anonymous said...

lounge, luxury, late, lunatic, loquacious

In the luxury lounge, the lunatic behavior of the late Lana Turner made the waiters wax loquacious.


Anonymous said...

lull, lambent, lettuce, litoral, lost

Lost in contemplation of the lettuce trim of her jacket, Elizabeth tripped on the lambent ledge and after a short, poignant lull, joined the clams in the littoral zone.

Richard M

Lorelei said...

lasting, longing, lantana, lint, lavender

The smell of lavender and the lint in the corners of her grandmother's drawers always sent her outside longing for lasting stimulation from the stinging scent of lantana.

Anonymous said...

Love, linger, listless, louvers,last

Last love lingers long, Lorelei!
Listless like louvers in a windy night
So tenderly it quests
so soft, so fierce, relentlessly coerces
for your literary best, Lorelei, leaves you no rest!