Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 17 is for Q words and a sentence here!

Here's a collection of quadrilaterals for the Q-word day, Feb 17.  Find 5 words beginning with Q and use them in a sentence; post in comments, and read the wacky and wonderful sentences others have created below.  Cheers, Laura


Cheryl said...

quarry, quadrille, quaint, quiet, Quaker, quilt, queen, quixotic, quatrain, quoting,quaffing, quiche, queue, quick, quips, quizzical, quintet

They were quite the couple at the Quarry Quadrille: she, the quaint, quiet Quaker quilt-queen (wearing a quilted vest that I'd learned she'd made), who was seated in the Queen Anne chair in the corner of the room at the moment I was looking around, and he, the quixotic, quatrain-quoting, quaffing quiche afficianado standing in the queue in front of the punchbowl, and I had been watching them for a while, noticing that both of them were quick with their quips with smiles on their lips; both were light on their feet and really bright with the beat, but smooth and graceful, too, never quizzical in their moves, and each thoroughly enjoying the music of the quintet while also taking time to be quiet in between the dances.

SharonW said...

quagga, quest, quick, quiet, quit

The quiet photographer quit his quest for a quick picture of a quagga.

SharonW said...

Oh, btw, Laura, you're having a bad influence on me, I believe. But if you want a better idea of what I intend by that, investigate this post on my blog.

merlin said...

quiet, quilt, questions, queued, quest, quill

In this quiet and solitude, stitching into the fibres of an heirloom quilt,questions, queued up thoughts in my quest for insight, taking up needle and thread rather than my quill to record each blessed one.

Anonymous said...

quaint, quiet, quarrel, quotation, quick

Quick, take the quaint quotation out of the brochure text before I quarrel with you and disrupt the quiet of our office.

Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Q-tip, queenly, quarantine, quince, quantum

If you had a quantum of decency, you'd take your queenly quarantine of my quince marmalade and put it in your ear with a Q-tip.

Cathy M

Lorelei said...

quizzical, quirky, quark, quiet, quit

The quizzical girl with the quirky men's hat quit sitting in the quiet and presented the cashier with a book on the quark.

Anonymous said...

queer, quest, quail, quaver, quaffing

"I'm queer," said the beautiful young man, "and on a quest," quaffing his beer in one gulp and slamming down the schooner without a quaver.

Blasco V